Bárbara got to share her ideas about education and it’s future in CNN’s interview

08.04.2019 This Monday afternoon our very own Bárbara Achondo,  our Head of Operations, was pleased to be interviewed by Tomás Sánchez about our dedication in teaching these important themes such as Strategic Management, Operations Management, Pricing Management, and Strategic Management and Negotiations among others using new and advanced tools. Bárbara attended CNN’s New Day interview…

Students Learn How to Venture with no Risk

Loosing money and failing are 2 of the biggest fears of every entrepreneur in the world… but what if they could practice how to venture with no risk? Students of entrepreneurship in Chile did it by playing the Venture Creation Game. Here’s the full story!

Game-Based Learning: A Natural Way to Learn

How can I make more efficient and enjoyable classes for my students? This is what a lot of professors ask themselves around the world. Ekaterina Koromyslova (South Dakota University) found the answer in game-based learning, specifically in GameLab! Here is her testimony.