Entrepreneurship goes beyond languages! 

Entrepeneurship gamificationFor this activity, students created binational teams, with students from local Universidad Adolfo Ibanez. Even when there was a communication gap, the universal pleasure of playing to be entrepreneurs went beyond languages, allowing them not only to understand each other but also to have a blast!

The Venture Creation Game mimics the difficulties of entrepreneurship: from developing the idea towards launching the product. When playing, students have to make decisions such as: developing a network of contacts, forming a work team, and gathering information to choose the appropriate customer segment.

When getting grades is celebration time 

Usually grading time is not the student’s favorite part of a class. But what about the results of a game? An image counts much more than words, click in the link to watch the video and you’ll understand:

Special thanks to the participant’s students as well as to our partners in the organization of this thrilling experience: Professor Carla Bustamante from UAI and Vicente Fernández Gamboa from Garage UAI).

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