On January 20th, the city of Riezlern in Austria hosted PricinGame in its classrooms as part of the special activities of the 14th CEMS Supply and Logistics Chain Management Research Seminar, an event that annually presents topics which may be of interest of to Ph.D. students for their future career.

Since an essential topic for every future doctor is the possibility of teaching, innovation topics in the classroom could not be missed. Hence the professor of the Business and Management Science department of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and exhibitor at this seminar, Julio César Góez, proposed to present to potential teachers the option of using games in classes.
“We wanted to promote the use of such games to help students develop intuition, an element that is essential to motivate them with the subject. The response of the group was very positive and in fact this experience led us to have a very interesting discussion about the use of tools like these in the classroom, so I think we achieved the goal! “, commented Goez who was pleased after an entertaining and very participatory two-hour session with the PricinGame, along with its 30 doctoral students in this seminar.

New bet on the PricinGame

It is worth mentioning that this was the second time that Professor Julio César Góez used this simulator in class, since in 2016 he already had the opportunity to become acquainted and use it successfully in a Pricing class for his students of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) .

“At that time, I heard about GameLab because one of the department teacher, Mario Guajardo, mentioned it to me knowing that I was looking for games for a Pricing course. So, after giving me the data, I entered the website and contacted them , and when I realized that it was practical and simple, I decided to use it in class “, recalls Góez, who after that good experience bet again on PricinGame as a good example to promote the methodology of using games in the classroom.