It’s a world of possibilities and opportunities

The digital revolution has permeated our lives but has not yet transformed the way we currently teach and learn. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see disinterest, lack of attention, low learning rates, low levels of recall, and consequently high occurrences of failure among university students worldwide.

This is especially relevant as it is a global problem. Over 400 million students of tertiary education and 170 million students in business fields, continue to attend the classes just as their peers in the year 1050 AD.

Furthermore, the definition of education is changing. Not just the way we learn and understand, or where you can find knowledge, but there’s also been a shift in who does the teaching. These days it’s not just universities and institutions (physical or digital) the ones that train and educate. In fact, companies around the globe are also training their employees, therefore constantly allocating important resources into it. But are they getting different results than universities? Are they reaching better learning rates? From our experience, they aren’t.

This is our great opportunity. The world has been waiting long enough.

GameLab’s value proposition

We are a web platform of interactive simulators (or serious games) focused on teaching business and management concepts.

We are a business laboratory in which students are required to take an active role in their learning. Thus, the attention of the participants is 100% placed in what happens in the classroom, while the teacher accompanies and guides, solving doubts and offering greater depth when necessary.

In GameLab Education, we are making the most out of the gamification trend for the classrooms. We plan on revolutionizing business and management schools, by providing experiences and real scenarios where students can make and test out their decisions.

Case studies were big in the 20th century. Simulators are the way to go in the 21st. So check out our portfolio and try our demos!