What are simulations in education?

Educational simulators transform the way we learn business by creating meaningful learning experiences, where participants make decisions, thus learning management and administration concepts.

What is the length of each simulation?

Our simulators are between 30 to 120 minutes in total depending on the simulator, however, the teacher can configure the duration according to your class.

How many students can play at the same time?

We recommend a minimum of 10 players, however, the maximum number of players will depend on the simulator chosen.

In which languages are the simulations available?

You can find our simulations and all our information in Spanish and English.

Does the teacher receive any kind of complementary material?

Of course, we have tutorial videos and complementary material so that teachers can quickly feel comfortable with the simulation.

Is it necessary to install any special software to perform each simulation?

No. Our simulators are multiplatform, so you only need internet connection to use them on laptops, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android).

How can I buy the simulation?

In order to use GameLab simulations, it is necessary to purchase one access for each student who will play. For more information contact us at contact@gamelabeducation.com

Do the simulations have to be paid for by the students or by the university?

It will depend on each university; in some cases they are paid by the university and in others by the students.

Can I modify the different scenarios of the simulations?

Yes, teachers can repeat the simulation, skip stages and configure scenarios according to the class level.

¿Do you have further questions?

Schedule a video call with our CEO, Felipe Walker, to know more about our simulators or if you need personalized help.

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