This Monday afternoon our very own Bárbara Achondo,  our Head of Operations, was pleased to be interviewed by Tomás Sánchez about our dedication in teaching these important themes such as Strategic Management, Operations Management, Pricing Management, and Strategic Management and Negotiations among others using new and advanced tools.

Bárbara attended CNN’s New Day interview about Entrepreneurship to talk about our company, GameLab Education. They were talking about how we truly are trying to transform the educational and continuing education experience by teaching Management through our educational simulators. In addition to the above-mentioned themes, we are offering simulators for Brand Management, Distribution Management and for start-ups.

Bárbara and Tomás were also discussing the future and the change of the world’s workforce. The future leaders and professors are graduating right now and we want to give them the best tools to learn experimenting and decision-making in an entertaining and risk-free environment with us, with Gamelab.

If you got interested, please listen to the full interview at CNN’s web pages.